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In the US alone the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that in the 1990’s over 2 billion razors and their plastic blades ended up in landfill plus no doubt many more ended up in our oceans. Fast forward to today and that’s a mind blowing amount of waste just for shaving alone! 

Don’t fret we have a simple and easy plastic free alternative to your grooming routine, the Stainless Steel Safety Razor!

With a replaceable and affordable stainless steel blade that can be recycled at the end of its life you can see how switching to a safety razor is a simple swap for your low waste bathroom routine for men and women.

Plus you can save up your blades up and take part in the CaliWoods blade recycling program. Or you can save up your own and take them to a local metal dealer (but please check with them first!).

The thought of shaving with a sharp blade may be intimidating but here is are some handy steps 'how to' shave with a safety razor that will leave you feeling confident and hair free in no time!

Eco Friendly Shaving - Plastic Free Razor

How to shave with a safety razor

• Preparation is the key! Exfoliate your skin regularly to minimise the risk of nicking those little lumps and bumps.

• Take your time, don’t try and shave 2 mins before you have leave for work or while your kids are fighting to get in the bathroom door! I found it took me almost triple the amount of time to shave my legs the first few times.

• Use lots of soap to lather up your skin prior to shaving, it doesn’t need to be anything specific just your favourite soap or even a solid hair conditioner bar works a treat.

• The trick to a nick free shave is to let the weight of the razor guide you. As they are heavier than a plastic razor there is no need to press down, just lightly hold the handle at approx. 30 degrees and let it glide over your skin while moving the razor along.

• Use small strokes, especially around those tricky areas like ankles, knees and armpits. Plus making sure you rinse the blade well every few strokes.

• After use gently pat dry your razor then store it in a clean and dry spot. Plus make sure you replace the blades regularly to ensure a clean shave.

As a newbie to the world of safety razors it can be a little scary and overwhelming but if you take your time and follow the steps above you will be rewarded with the best shave of your life! Plus you can feel pretty good you won’t be contributing any more plastic waste to landfill. 

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