Low Waste Shipping | Consciously Shopping Online

Low Waste Shipping | Consciously Shopping Online

When I first started The Natural Co. in 2016 one of the most important things for me was to make sure that the packaging was minimal and without plastic (as much as possible!).

As someone who often shopped online I would be pretty frustrated with the amount of plastic used to package up online orders. From bubble wrap to polystyrene to plastic courier bags.

Fast forward to 2022 and I'm proud to say most companies nowadays have moved to more sustainable shipping materials.

I aim to package your orders to be as low waste as possible. I only use brown cardboard boxes, gummed paper tape, newsprint or recycled packing (shredded paper or the like) and try to reuse as much packaging and boxes as I can from our suppliers. Or if you have ordered some smaller items they will come in a R3Pack compostable bag or a kraft paper bag which can be recycled with your paper recycling.

So while your order may not arrive in a pretty box with lovely coloured wrapping paper, you can be assured that the packaging used has minimal impact on the environment.

Please dispose of your packaging thoughtfully! And where possible reuse, compost or recycle what you can.

Rebecca packing a box with paper tape for plastic free shipping.

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