Switching to a natural deodorant  | Here are some tips!

Switching to a natural deodorant | Here are some tips!

The shift towards being more conscious of what we are putting under our arm pits has come about after consumers are moving towards a healthier lifestyle and questioning what is in our products. Deodorant is often one of the first things we look to switch due to the inconclusive answers around the main ingredient in most antiperspirants, aluminium, which works by clogging your glands. Not to mention a host of other ingredients that are also questionable like parabens and phthalates.

Making the switch to natural deodorant is so much easier than what it once was! When I first tried back in 2005 there was limited choice. I was left disappointed and very smelly. After a few failed attempts I discovered the one that worked for me... I was well and truly converted. Now days there are so many great brands on the market that offer something for everyone.  

It’s important to note that natural deodorant will not stop you from sweating, after all everyone sweats. It’s your bodies way of regulating your temperature and expelling toxins. It will however contain ingredients to help neutralise the odour by absorbing moisture and inhibiting bacteria growth which causes the smell.

Just remember, it may take you a couple of tries to find a particular brand and application method that works for you.

Here are some tips to help you switch:

Pick your season

Don’t be like me and try to switch in the middle of summer on your first day at a new job. The cooler months are a great time to try a natural deodorant out, the weather isn’t too hot and you won’t be left holding your arms down in an awkward position while chatting to your new boss.

Give it some time

Unfortunately, it won’t happen overnight! Your body will need some time to detox from the aluminium used in traditional antiperspirant deodorants to block the sweat ducts. Wash your armpits daily to help with the process and give your body a few weeks to adjust and regulate.

Shave then wait

Find your arm pits a bit sensitive after shaving and applying deodorant? You may find shaving in the evening the best option to give your skin time to adjust then apply deodorant in the morning to avoid any discomfort. Otherwise wait for 30-60mins before applying also using a deodorant for sensitive skin after shaving also helps reduce discomfort. 

Sensitive Skin?

If you have quite reactive skin there are many natural deodorants on the market now that don't contain baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) which can be a major skin irritant for some people. So do check the ingredients for one without and see if that helps reduce the irritation. 


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Please patch test a small amount before using any product, if you have any discomfort or irritation stop immediately and consult your doctor.

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