CaliWoods Razor Stand

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Keep your CaliWoods Razor within reach and extend it's life with this plastic-free handy Razor stand. Perfect for storing your razor on the counter top or shelf of your bathroom to let the blades dry out between use.

Available in Copper, Silver and Slate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not fit the older Cali Razors.

The Technical Details: 

  • Razor stands are made from Stainless Steel Type 304 20% and Zinc Alloy 80%.
  • The copper and slate colours are electroplated into the Stainless and Zinc Alloy. The Copper isn't a layer and cannot 'come off'.
  • Please rinse the Razor Stand thoroughly to prevent discolouration from soap residue.
  • Dimensions: top is round = 30mm, base is round = 34mm, height = 31mm
    Razor hole diameter = 5mm

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