CaliWoods Handmade Wooden Rattle

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A lovely and simple hand-turned wooden rattle and teething toy for your baby.

The small rings make a lovely sound when your baby learns to shake the toy - but not too loud, we promise.

Made here in New Zealand from un treated NZ pine. 

To Clean:
1. It is important to clean the rattle given that the rattle will be going into your baby’s mouth. Cleaning wooden toys are different from plastic; they are porous as well as being naturally anti-microbial.
2. Use a 1:10 vinegar: water cleaner
3. Spray into the wooden rattle and then wipe dry.
4. Leave to air dry completely
5. Do not submerge the Wooden Rattle in water as it may distort the shape and do not use anti-microbial wipes or wood cleaner - these products will be toxic for your baby.


Please wash before first use.

1. The 100% natural materials mean that it is suitable for composting. Please ensure that the wood is in small pieces so that it breaks down easily
2. Please landfill your Wooden Rattle if it is beyond repair and you aren't able to compost. It is not recommended to pass on teethers between babies.