Fair & Square Soapery

Fair & Square Soapery was born out of a desire to create high quality, luxury products for everyday use. Handmade in sunny Northland, New Zealand by Mother & Wife, Carley.  

'I wanted to bring simplicity into my life without compromising on quality. I have always been intrigued with how our ancestors lived wholesome, simple and often very healthy lives, and take real pride in creating a product that has been in manufacture since the beginning of human civilisation. A lot has changed in the last few thousand years of technological progression, but soap has always been a main stay in the course of the human life'. 

TAKING CARE OF YOUR HANDMADE SOAP: Handmade soap needs a little more care than its chemical-laden counterparts. As it is full of all the natural oils, it needs to be well drained when using. The less of the soap touching a flat, wet surface – the better, so choose a good soap dish. 
When you are storing your soap (before using), put somewhere dry. Don’t store in a damp bathroom. Many of my customers enjoy storing their soap in their clothes draws, using them to infuse their lovely scents into their clothes. Or cut a slice off and hang in a muslin bag in your car, the scent will last for ages and you will always have an emergency bar of soap if needed on the road!

  1. Fair & Square Pet Wash Soap
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  1. Fair & Square Natural Oh Baby Soap
  1. Fair & Square Spice Trader Soap - 150g
  1. Fair & Square Lemony Snicket Soap - 150g
  1. Fair & Square Daily Detox Soap - 150g
  1. Fair & Square Natural Soap Shampoo Bar
  1. Fair & Square Dirty Hippie Body Wash Soap
  1. Fair & Square Natural Goddess Soap
  1. Fair & Square Natural Rosehip Retreat Soap
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