Wooden Wall Hung Peg Rack with Shelf

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These wooden wall hung peg racks with a shelf are perfect for your entrance or anywhere you need some extra storage like your laundry or bathroom. With 6 pegs you can hang your bag, jacket, or cleaning essentials to keep them tidy. It also has a shelf for displaying a nice picture, vase, jar or two.

Included are two screws with instructions for you to attach this to your wall using the keyhole slots at the back of the rack.

The Wooden Wall Hung Rack is created from untreated NZ Pine. Made in West Auckland, NZ by a Father and Daughter team. 


Shelf depth 90mm
High 110mm (off the wall)

400mm - 4 pegs
600mm - 6 pegs
The images show the 600mm - 6 peg option.

Please do not use these outside, they are for inside use only. There will be some wear and ageing to the wood over time. The maker recommends for added protection to use Maxwax on your rack helps protect it.

These wooden peg racks are shipped direct from the maker to you. Please allow 5-7 working days for processing once your order is placed. If you have any other products in your order these will be shipped separately. 

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