And we mean that in a variety of ways! We're Neat - the brand (we specialise in perfumes), and we're Neat - a bit choice, pretty rad, truly awesome. We have integrity in the products we make, and we love what we do. Neat is a bit excited, a bit playful, and a bit ballsy... and we can't wait to bring you more NATURAL products to experience.

That's right, Neat is NATURAL! We're not the chemical shit-storm your traditional fragrances offer up... we've got more sense than that. We also don't test our perfumes on animals (well unless you consider me one, as somedays it truly can look that way...). Nope, the only thing we test on our furbabies is cudds and kisses! That's it. xoxo

We understand family is important to you, and so is your health. You value quality and affordability, and we here at Neat have created our products to align with what we know is important to you! We have your best interests at heart, and that is why we have created a product of high integrity that is not going to harm you, or the environment.

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