Purity Glass Water Bottles

Hydrate in Style

Bye Bye Plastic ... Hello Glass Water Bottles



Glass is one of the safest and most stable materials to drink from. Its simple raw material composition is toxin free of harmful leaching chemicals like BPA, phthalates, PVC, polycarbonate, lead, cadmium and latex. Unlike other materials, glass is impermeable, nonleaching and does not absorb odours. The benefits of using glass go far beyond taste though, as glass water bottles are the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles.  Nothing beats the taste of drinking fresh water from a pure glass bottle, no plastic or metallic taste.



Using a reusable glass bottle helps replace wasteful use-and-toss single-serving paper or plastic drink containers, while saving money in the process. “The plastics we throw away have been mistakenly eaten by around 90 per cent of all sea birds alive today – and the rate is expected to grow to 99 per cent by 2050”.  We can do our little bit for the wonderful world we live in and our sea birds… by moving to a PURITY Glass Lifestyle bottle and saying NO to plastic water bottles!