CaliWoods Reusable Baby Change Mat

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These reusable baby changing mats are perfect for at home or on the go! Made of undyed GOTS certified Organic Cotton, it’s a no-tox, ethically made alternative to disposable changing mats. Slightly padded, these changing mats are absorbent, soft on your baby’s skin, and easy on our planet.

With two in a pack, you can have one on hand and one as back up. These are great for changing little ones wherever needed, the park, back of the car or public toilets!

A handy and thoughtful low waste gift for a new parent or baby shower.

These are absorbent and will completely absorb a small wee. Please note that because no synthetic materials are used, and CaliWoods have prioritised these mats being non-tox, the cotton wadding will do a good job absorbing, but they aren't 100% leakproof.

To Clean:
1. Machine washable on cycle at 40 degrees.
2. Hang on the clothesline to dry or tumble dry on low.
3. Do not dry clean or bleach.
Care: Store your organic Changing Mat dry if not in use. Take care of your mat and it will last you multiple children.

1. Donated or sell your changing mats on a second hand marketplace.
2. 100% natural materials that is not dyed or bleached means that your Changing Mat is suitable for composting. Please ensure that the Mat is shredded into small pieces.
3. Please landfill if your Mat is beyond repair and you aren't able to compost.

Size: 70cm x 35cm - Rectangular Changing Mat with rounded edges and a corner stash pocket.