CaliWoods Reusable Hot & Cold Cup - 2 colours

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Keep Your Coffee Hot & Your Smoothies Cold - The summer and winter essential!

The Details: 

  • 295ml - if you wanted a larger size see Tall Tumblers here.
  • Diameter 8.8cm, Height 11cm.
  • Perfect for that coffee in the morning or use to keep your lunchtime Smoothie crispy cool
  • Short Cups body is Double Walled Stainless Steel for performance and durability.
  • Lid is BPA-Free Plastic made from 100% recycled content with silicone spill-proof seal.
  • Straw Hole, fitting the CaliWoods Tall Straws perfectly. The Reusable Drinking Straws will also fit through the hole, but we recommend the Tall Straws for length.
  • Elegantly curved to fit your hand as well as standard car cup holders. Drive to work with your coffee or smoothie right by your side.
  • Brighten up your day and others by choosing from any of the eco-luxe colours!
  • Sustainable and reusable alternative to single-use plastic hot & cold cups.
  • Multiple uses! Can also work as a sealed container for leftovers at restaurants, keeping cut fruit fresh, kiddies snacks, or anything. Keep in your bag or glovebox for any situation. 

Tips - So your Short Cup feels the love:

  • Fixed lid which has space for a Straw too - so you can sip directly or use your CaliWoods Reusable Straw
  • Keep your drinks even colder on a hot day - fill with ice cubes and the double walled Stainless Steel of the CaliWoods Short Cups will keep the coolness in with no condensation on the outside.
  • For hot drinks pour straight into the Short Cup. If you want to be sipping on that steamy beverage for even longer, heat beforehand by pouring boiling water in before your drink.
  • HAND WASH ONLY! Any double walled insulated product must be hand washed. The lids can go in the dishwasher - top shelf only but hand wash recommended so your lid has a long life.

    CaliWood Tumbler Lids Are Made From Recycled Plastic (rPET) - WHY?

    • Specific use: rPET doesn't conduct temperature (no burnt lips when sipping!) and needs to be durable lasting years to come.
    • We are supporters of Circular Economy for plastic: refusing what we don't need, reusing what we have and respecting plastic when it has a place. 
    • All the plastic ever made still exists, it isn’t going anywhere, so let’s use it wisely into something loveable and useful!
    • Please love and care for your tumbler and the lid - you can return it to CaliWoods for proper disposal at end-of-life.