• Eco Tan Face Tan Water - 100ml

Eco Tan Face Tan Water - 100ml

Eco Tan Face Tan Water is a lightweight formulation similar to a toner which leaves you sunkissed without clogging pores.

A beautiful blend of aloe vera, rose geranium and citrus peel provides a soothing anti-acne formulation which will help you build a gradual, natural looking glow on your face and neck.

After only two applications you will notice a subtle bronze tone which will even out your complexion and brighten skin tone.

How to use:

After cleansing, apply to clean, dry skin with either a cotton pad or your hands.

For best results leave on for 8 hours or sleep in it.

Take care to blend evenly around hairline and neck. Because the formulation contains no toxic food colourings, no staining of the bedding or skin takes place meaning you can apply before bed and there are no nasty orange or green results just a beautiful natural tan perfect for evening out your skin tone.

Apply every 2-3 days to maintain colour.

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