Good Change Reusable Bamboo Eco Wipes

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The 100% natural cleaning wipe that you can use again and again and when done with it, give it back to the earth. No microplastics or nasties.

Designed for multi-purpose cleaning + wiping including food spills, windows, drying wet hands, kitchen + bathroom, general cleaning and it’s safe on all surfaces.

These reusable paper towels/wipes are super absorbent and made from 100% sustainable bamboo – one of the strongest natural materials on the planet – these handy little towels are safe to use again & again on all surfaces including steel, granite, wood – even glass!

1 roll = 65 rolls of paper towels

They are easily washable up to 75 times, which makes them a great alternative to use instead of single-use paper towels.

When you’re done, simply throw them on the garden to biodegrade – and your conscience will be as clean as your castle!

Why choose the Good Change Reusable Eco Wipes:
  • Made from 100% sustainably harvested bamboo.
  • 100% renewable resources.
  • Packaging is made from recycled paper.
  • Classic design to match any kitchen interior.

    Why use reusable paper towels:

    • Reduces deforestation, water wastage and landfill waste.
    • Use them for all the spills around the house instead of paper towels
    • You can wash each sheet 75 times.
    • Replaces 65 rolls of conventional paper towels.