• Koko Body Jasmine & Blossom Salt Soak
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Koko Body Jasmine & Blossom Salt Soak

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Experience bathing bliss with this gorgeous combination of Neroli and Jasmine. The fragrant oils imbue the water with their luxurious floral scent.  Organic Rose and Calendula petals float on the top of the water creating a spa like bath time.  Jasmine relaxes and rejuvenates the body while calming Neroli can encourage cell renewal.

To Use our Jasmine and Blossom Salt Soak:

Scoop quarter of a cup of salt in a hot bath letting the salt disolve.  Water will infuse with the oil and petal mix

Ingredients: Sea salt*, Rose *, Calendula*, Jojoba*, Neroli, Jasmine.
*Certified Organic