• Koko Body Natural Vanilla Bean + Raspberry Salt Scrub
Koko Body

Koko Body Vanilla Bean + Raspberry Salt Scrub - 300gm



Raw Coconut Oil + Macadamia Oil soak into the skin while scrubbing to leave it feeling hydrated, nourished and beautifully soft and smooth.  You can ever skip your after shower body moisturiser so not only will your skin look great you’ll save time.  Bonus!!!

Our salt scrubs have a finer gentler texture than our sugar scrubs.  They can be used daily to help keep skin blemish free by removing the dead layers on skin on the surface which helps stop those pesky lumps and bumps like ingrown hairs from forming.



Its easy! Just dampen skin in the shower and and then grab a handful of scrub and rub in circles from neck to feet.  Pay extra attention to any bumps or rough areas that need smoothing.  Let the organic oils soak in for a moment before rinsing off under shower.

If the scrub is hard due to cooler temperatures just hold in hand for a moment before applying to let coconut oil soften.



Pink Himalayan Salt
Fine pink grains gently exfoliate and detox the skin

Coconut Oil^
Coconut oil is light, nourishing and moisturising. It absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Macadamia Oil^
Macadamia Oil is rich in omega 7.  It helps  to protect and repair skin, especially sun damaged skin.  Its cell regenerating effects help keep skin looking soft and youthful.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has an antiaging effect on the skin.  Koko only uses 100% natural vitamin e made from soybeans.

Vanilla Bean^
Vanilla has antibacterial properties that help keep skin smooth and blemish free.  It soothing and softening qualities help repair rough or damaged skin.

Raspberry Flavour Oil^
Raspberries are full of antioxidants that help skin stay looking healthy, supple and young.

^Certified Organic Ingredients