• Koko Sugar Body Scrub Vanilla - 250g
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Koko Sugar Body Scrub Vanilla - 250g

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With the sweet aroma of coconut & vanilla you will feel on cloud nine.

Body Scrubs make your skin feel absolutely wondering by removing dead skin cells and exposing the underlying healthier layers – revealing fresh ‘new’ skin! This assists with stretch marks, blemishes, bumps & the overall appearance of skin.

Our scrub contain coconut oil which provides natural disinfectant to help with skin healing. Scrubs are a great pre-treatment before spray tans or after-treatment for regular waxing clients to help minimise ingrown hairs.

Directions: Apply to the skin in circular motions, focusing on rough or ‘bumpy’ areas of concern. Take a warm shower!

Note: Coconut oil solidifies in colder temperatures which can be easily warmed in your hand. If doing in the shower, the oil can create a layer on the floor, so be careful not to slip!

Ingredients: White refined sugar grains, 100% organic cocos nucifera virgin unrefined & refined, cosmetic grade vanilla planifolia, prunus persica.