• Neat Little Petal Perfume

Neat Little Petal Perfume

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Little Petal WILL lead you down the garden path!! Because by golly it smells good down there!  Little Petal is Neat Perfume’s alluring and dazzling floral scent, made from the delicate aromas of Rose, Vanilla, Bergamot and Jasmine.  She’s sweet and playful, like that little petal in us all.

Contains: Purified Aqua, Vegetable Derived Propanediol to hydrate, and Pure Natural Alcohol

Neat perfumes are made from both natural and organic raw materials, however Neat is not 100% organic, but is certainly 100% natural. Neat has no preservatives, no additives, and no nasty chemicals whatsoever.

Natural means it won't be harmful, right?

Natural products are much safer, but people can still have a reaction to a natural product, particularly if they have allergies or intolerances. Please be aware of what our products contain, and should irritation occur, rinse with warm water and natural soap, and discontinue use.Pregnant and lactating women, please consult your physician or midwife as our products may contain lavender and chamomile.

Are Neat perfumes long-lasting?

They are!! Neat is made from 100% essential oils, and the fragrances are bright and vibrant. However, your usual chemical laden perfume might last 10-time longer.. and that’s because it’s got lots of nasties that bind it all together and help hold it to your skin.  The great thing with Neat, is you can apply as often as you like without any chemicals hitting your precious skin.Our 50ml spray range seems longer lasting, as the particles will attach to your clothing, creating that all-over lush scent.