• Stainless Steel Zero Waste Pegs Marine Grade
  • Stainless Steel Zero Waste Pegs Marine Grade
  • Plastic Free Pegs - Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs NZ

Stainless Steel Pegs - Marine Grade - 20 pack

Never buy plastic clothes pegs again with these stainless steel clothes pegs. They may look small but they are mighty strong! It can hold jeans and double layered pants in the wind, no problem. It also can hold very thin & delicate clothes securely. 

These MARINE GRADE pegs are made to last forever. This is the grade recommended to use if you live within 500m from the sea or live in harsh weather conditions. They will NOT get rusty and will last a lifetime. 

A true plastic free product these come packaged in a reusable cotton cloth bag that you can reuse as a produce bag or to hold nuts, seeds, snacks.

Not only handy for hanging out the washing these can be used for paper, photos, decorations, crafts and anything else you can imagine.  

Note sure which peg to choose? Read our blog post here

Size: 58 x 12mm, 1.7 mm wire diameter 

Stainless steel: 316


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