Tailor Cleanse - Compostable Refill

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Stock refill date 05/21! So you need to refill your bottle ASAP. Once done they have a 24 month shelf life. 

Low waste, natural skincare is now here! Refill your Tailor Cleanse with this compostable refill pouch.

Please follow the below directions for ensuring the best results from your refill. Also these should not be stored as the packaging will start to break down from 6 months due to the compostable nature of the packaging, decanter immediately into your Tailor bottle and use! 

1 // purchase your refill of Cleanse
2 // thoroughly clean your empty Tailor bottle + pump with hot water and disinfectant
3 // ensure bottle is fully dry with no fluff or debris inside
4 // ensure no water is left in the pump (especially for Oil Cleanse refills).
5 // snip the corner off your refill pack + carefully pour into bottle, sealing with the pump
6 // make a couple of pumps of the product to ensure the new product can flush the pump

NOTE: It's super important to thoroughly clean your bottles + pumps before filling with a refill. Please follow the above instructions to prevent any contamination of the bottles and/or product.
We recommend you purchase a new pump after refilling 4-5 times or after 12 months of continuous use.
All refill batches have been microbially tested before shipment to the customer and Tailor will not accept any liability for contamination that occurs when refilling at home.


Tailors refills come in home compostable packaging, making them zero waste!
There are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to composting this packaging at home...

1 // any stickers or labels need to be removed before composting
2 // make sure your compost bin has all the right elements - heat, water, oxygen, soil + microorganisms

For further info on the refills please click to read more.

Refills come in a Compostable Carton made from bagasse (buh-gas), a waste byproduct from sugarcane. Sugarcane is the world’s largest agricultural crop, making bagasse an abundant resource.

Bagasse uses drastically less energy to manufacture than plastic and paper, only using heat and water. It’s a renewable resource, taking one year from seedling to harvest, opposed to trees which can take more than 30
Tailor’s compostable cartons will break down in a healthy home compost bin at the same rate as plant waste

No compost bin? No worries! The carton is also fully recyclable and biodegradable