• Wiki Skincare Antioxidant Body Scrub - 200g
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Wiki Skincare Antioxidant Body Scrub - 200g



Everyone knows Mother Nature heals, this scrub combines the Mineral goodness of Dead Sea salt and Pink Himalayan salt help to retain water in the skin. Moisture in the skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles, including the detoxing effects of Healing Clay and ultra moisturising botanical oils to leave skin smooth, softer and looking younger. 

Massage in to help stimulate blood circulation.

  • Massaging the skin in a circular motion with Dead Sea salt draws blood to the skin's surface, encouraging the release of toxins and promoting healing and renewal.

  • Himalayan pink salt scrub is a powerful detoxifier packed with healing minerals for your whole body.

  • Coconut oil serves as a protective layer, helping to retain the moisture in your skin and it also acts as a mild oil suitable for those with inflamed, irritated and sun damaged skin.

  • Red raspberry seed oil is reported to be very effective for sensitive skin, for controlling eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. It is an anti-inflammatory oil and an antioxidant.

Application: Massage into skin before rinsing. Repeat: BODY 2-3 times weekly, FEET 3-4 times weekly for best results. FACE - use minimal amounts with extra care. Good for acne. Rinse, moisturise and hydrate.

Scrub may appear hard at first, this is due to the high level of moisturising Coconut oil, never fear it will warm up and become easy to use. Once opened this Mineralized Scrub is best used within 3mths. Seal bag after use. Store in a cool place. Reduce waste, rinse and reuse, perfect for indoor plants and herbs.

200g / 7 oz ACTIVE  Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Coconut, Grape Seed and Raspberry Seed oils, Purely Earth (Sodium) Bentonite Clay. 


Made in Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand.