Pea Tenrils Microgreens Seed Pack

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These tasty Fiji Feather Pea microgreens are bred for its feathery tendrils at the end of the shoots. They will re-grow if you don’t cut them too low. Make sure when you cut, they still have a little leaf on the stem. These packs are 80g and based on a standard ice cream size container you should get 2 trays full of seed.

Packaged in commercially compostable packaging. 

How to grow your microgreens:

  • Prepare your tray with drainage holes and fill with potting mix (make sure you are wearing a mask).

  • Sprinkle your seed evenly but generously over the soil. You can sprinkle a little bit of soil over the seeds but I prefer not to.

  • To assure germination and rapid growth, keep the seed tray moist but not drenched, using a spray bottle to do your watering is the best.

  • Once they are approximately 5cm long, cut or pick them above the soil line, for most species this will be approximately 7 days after sowing.

  • Add to your favourite sandwich, salad or even your eggs and avo on toast to give that extra boost of nutrients and colour.

Size: 80g 

What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are young vegetable greens that are somewhere between sprouts and salad leaf vegetables. Common microgreen varieties are; Peas, Rocket, Basil, Radish, Coriander, Mizuna etc. They have intense flavor with high nutrient content such as Vitamins K, A and C and Iron. They also come in many colors, textures and sizes.

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